• Incredible sails

      Production and repair of sails, Onesail partner.

    • Incredible sails

      Production and repair of sails, Onesail partner.

    • Incredible sails

      Production and repair of sails, Onesail partner.



Oltre la nautica

SISAIL is the sole sail maker in Sicily that deals directly with the design, testing, maintenance and repair of sails. We use advanced technology and craft processes to produce sails for racing, offshore, one design, cruising and classic that are long lasting and perform.



We offer consultancy to find the best solutions for all types of sails from racing to cruising and also offer the storage service for sails and rigging.



The team came together from passion for the sea and for the world of sailing and offers its experience for finding custom solutions for all types of boats.



Advanced technology for the design phase and craft processes for the care of details during production.

SISAIL is OneSails’ partner in Sicily for offering the best materials and the highest quality standards for the sector.

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Design and production of sails

We design and produce custom sails for your boat or for sporting applications such as Windsurf and Kitesurf.

We take into account the best rigging for your boat in order to guarantee greater efficiency in navigation.

Storage of sails and Winter Check Up Service

The storage of the sails at the end of the season is decisive for safe navigation, performance and extending the duration of a sail over time.

One of our most complete services is to disarm, wash and repair your sails in the sail maker’s shop and then to reassemble them or to keep them in safe storage.

More than boating

Using the same processes and technology we can offer products that go beyond the world of boating. From shading sails or shading for gazeboes to swimming pool covers.


We use professional Riggers to offer a complete service: careful inspections, detailed reports, replacement of hardware, upgrade manoeuvres and deck plan and certified replacement of rigging.

Repair sails, windsurf and kitesurf

We repair your sails in a short time, whether they are for boats, windsurf or kitesurf. In addition, we offer a regular maintenance service to guarantee a longer life span.


Our technology and skills allow us to produce all the upholstery needed for your vessel: from the winter covers for your boat, to wheel covers to the cushions and we maintain them, maintaining the consistency of the design of your boat.



New Sail Loft

It is with great enthusiasm that we are pleased to announce our move to a new location. After an intense year of renovation and construction, we are finally working in…

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