Racing Downwind

Racing sails for load bearing speeds

The sails that have recently undergone the most significant developments are spinnakers. Today, with the advent of more performing fabrics and thanks to the development of technology, spinnakers have become efficient sails in both the stern and the narrow stretches up to 45° of apparent wind. Through tests with similar boats we have deduced that the key to being faster in the load bearing speeds is not in the surface area as much as in the shape and this factor becomes even more decisive as the speeds come closer to the wind. Each spinnaker is designed according to the characteristics of the vessel and the type of use and so guarantees the best performance.

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Our designers can design your boat from scratch and develop a specific design for your navigation needs.


Thanks to our partnership with OneSails we can offer you materials that are higher performing and longer lasting. And with craft care for the details.

Delivery and storage

We deal with the assembly of your new sail. And if you are not yet ready to sail, we also offer storage and winter shelter services.

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