Cruising and Fast Cruising

Sails for cruising and fast cruising

Designed for cruise ship owners who want to achieve the best compromise between performance, duration and looks.

Depending on the needs, we offer a large choice of products, from the woven cross-cut and tri-radial panelled sails to a range of membrane style products that includes Vantage1™, Vektor2™, M3™ and 4T FORTE™. These sails are produced with continuous thread membranes in a single piece to give the sail resistance, lightness and stability of shape that are superior to similar products from the competition and those of panelled sails.

The materials, finishes and accessories are personalized according to the boat’s rigging and produced with quality products to guarantee the best performance over time.

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Our designers can design your boat from scratch and develop a specific design for your navigation needs.


Thanks to our partnership with OneSails we can offer you materials that are higher performing and longer lasting. And with craft care for the details.

Delivery and storage

We deal with the assembly of your new sail. And if you are not yet ready to sail, we also offer storage and winter shelter services.

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