Sail storage and Winter Check Up Service

We take care of your sails.

The end of season storage of your sails is decisive for safe navigation, high performance and extends the time of use of a sail.

One of our most complete services is disarming, washing, repairing your sails in the sail shop and then reassembling them or keeping them in safe storage.

Our storage and winter check-up service offers disarming, washing, repairing, storage and reassembly.

The Winter Check Up is an excellent service by SISAIL that offers:

  • inspecting the sails
  • winter shelter in the sail shop
  • consultancy and cost estimates for any repairs or improvements of the sails

The preparation of a cost estimate requires careful inspection of the sail with the productions of a Report accompanied with photos. The operations required will only be carried out after acceptance by the client.

Pickup and delivery are free.